Lisbon, October 12th:  4TE has become the most recent member of Health Cluster Portugal (HCP). HCP has the goal of making Portugal a competitive player in the research, design, development, manufacturing and marketing of products and services associated with health, targeting the most relevant international markets. Also, HCP promotes and encourages cooperation between companies, organizations, universities, and public entities to help to improve healthcare delivery.  

“Pharma operations have changed. We believe that 4TE is helping organizations delivering a risk-based and evidence data-driven approach, improving agility, excellence, compliance, and quality. 4TE is almost 20 years in business worldwide doing projects with leading large pharma and biopharma companies.  We have a team of biotech, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, and IT experts. Being member of HCP, and together with all associates, we can share our knowledge to improve pharma and biopharma operations in terms of innovative approaches, competitiveness, compliance and support digital transformation.”, said Marcos Domingues, 4TE’s CEO. 

As a member, we will cooperate with key-players in the health value chain, to:  

  • promote the health sector before society,
  • participate in defining policies and decisions relevant to the sector and 
  • attract talent and foreign direct investment for state-of-the-art projects. 

This is another significant step in our diverse history as a company.  Within HCP, 4TE will be even more active in innovative pharma projects taking place in Portugal.  We are focused on transforming knowledge into innovative solutions that better serve patients.

About 4TE: 4TE provides 4.0 Intelligent & Integrated solutions to support Pharma and Biopharma Industries’ Digital Transformation. Focused on operational excellence, we assist companies improve decisively the entire life cycle of their products and processes. Founded in 2004 with offices in Lisbon and São Paulo and projects in 5 continents. 

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