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When we look at the future, as 4TE, we believe there is an area that gets more important by the day: Building Custom-made Platform for Pharma.

To do this in an Agile way, it implies that we develop prototypes swiftly for these digital solution projects. We do that in R.

What is R, you ask? To put it simply: R is a software language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. So, as you can see, this is about Data.

But let’s get on with the story, we promise it’s a good one!

How did this happen

This story actually starts with one of our clients!

Our client, a very well-established and international Pharmaceutical Company, approached us with a challenge: to develop a software that would enhance their business operations through digitalisation. In this case, the operations were related to a GMP process: sampling management.

Of course, we were excited about this project!

What did we do?

First of all, we are strong about applying an agile methodology to our projects. Why? Because we develop these platforms with our clients, not for. This makes sure our clients are involved in the whole project. It also increases the probability of us developing the software with maximum efficacy and efficiency!

The project was launched in January 2021. Our teams hit the ground running. So much that, within less than 3 months, we had delivered a Prototype to our clients.

Prototypes are amazing because of two things: first because they enable early product testing and to make sure the URS is refined and; second, they set us up for an efficient final IT implementation.

Key Takeaways

First of all: customer-centricity! Developing projects designed specifically for our customers is great for them and great for us. Each client has its own needs and is entitled to their own tailored and scalable solution.

Second, using our Agile methodology, we can develop solutions quickly and effectively while keeping our client involved through all the process.

And third, fulfilling customer expectations is one of the most rewarding feelings. Trust us!

Having your own Custom-made Platform

4TE is ready to support the digitalisation of your internal processes by building you an R platform.

We recommend that you check our Custom-made Software Services. If you think we may be able to help you out, don’t hesitate to book a call, we’ll do our absolute best to help.

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