You may have heard of the perfusion bioreactors importance for the development of continuous manufacturing related to cell culture. We want to share how 4TE helped optimising a perfusion cell culture medium for a Life Sciences company on this topic. What happened? They had identified that their Perfusion Cell Culture Medium was underperforming in terms of cell growth and specific productivity. 

A cell culture medium that needed attention 

Corrective and Preventive Action

Well, the lack of perfusion media development strategies in the literature in addition to many unscreened amino acids was the cause of a non-optimised medium for cell growth and productivity.

We already knew in advance that a traditional OFAT (One-Factor-At-a-Time) approach for media optimisation is inefficient. So, we needed to create a strategy that consumed less time and was less labour intensive.  

What did we do? 

Challenges are one of our favourite things, and this one was not an exception. When it comes to optimising a perfusion cell culture we just knew what we had to do.

We decided to define two optimised medium formulations, one for growth and another one for specific productivity. How? It went like this:

  • The first step was to enrich the medium with 19 targeted amino acids. 
  • Then,developing a streamline predictive scale-down model (SDM). 
  • And lastly, introduce the manual media preparation from a dry powder medium (DPM). 

Also, to make things even better, we used Design of Experiments (DoE) and Multivariate Data Analysis Methodologies. 

Optimising of the Perfusion Cell Culture: how did it go?

What can we say? The mission has been fulfilled! 

We confirmed the medium optimisation using a scale-up experiment in a perfusion bioreactor. Data confirmed that we had improved the overall cell culture performance and increased its specific productivity by 63%! 

Want to know more?

4TE delivers a solid strategy when your processes are not yielding what you expected.

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