We have gone about how the QRM Summit is THE event of Risk and Lifecycle Management. The story we haven’t told yet is one of the nicest parts of the event: the story about supporting COmVIDas.

Let’s set that record straight.

What about COmVIDas?

COmVIDas is a rockstar.

They exist to provide a support network to institutions that help the elderly. How? They send volunteers to all those institutions.

COmVIDas channel their efforts to bring comfort, company, and love to some of the people who suffered the most with the SARS-Covid-19 pandemic.

They are so amazing that, so far, they have:

  • Supported 51 institutions.
  • Gone on 60 missions.
  • Placed 619 volunteers in the field.
  • Supported over 2657 elderly people.

There’s only one conclusion: COmVIDas is awesome and, if you can, we encourage you to join us in supporting them!

How did QRM Summit go about supporting COmVIDas?

So, first, we decided to donate all the event revenue to COmVIDas. That’s right, all the money!

Second, we set up a donation wall. What is a Donation Wall you ask? It’s a wall where people, individually, could further donate to the cause using a value of their choice.

Overall, we think we made a very positive contribution for COmVIDas and their cause (which was also our cause!), we can say that we’re quite happy with the outcomes!

How can you help?

It’s super easy! You just need to head to their website and fill the form. Either that or you can contact them through the e-mail: apoios@portugalcomvidas.com.

And if you do, you’ll be part of the movement to support the most vulnerable people in of the most tricky situations of the last century.

If you want to talk to us about it, feel free to drop us an e-mail at hello@4TuneEngineering.com.